ShowCalibrator is a tool for calculating multi-display dimensions with a very fast production of line-up slides in the field. AV-specialists are often challenged by unforeseen events when working abroad so with ShowCalibrator you can quickly and efficiently adapt to conditions at different locations.

ShowCalibrator easily creates line-up slides for multiple display configurations. The application compensates for any off-set (overlap or separation) between displays or projectors and can as such be used for projectors, LCD-displays and LED-walls.

A section for source selection helps matching the source generating content with the desired display/canvas size. A preview window illustrates the differences.

The app calculates physical screen and pixel size based on the canvas used and provides position data for displays in systems like Watchout and Disguise and the app also guides for setup of a matching Powerpoint presentation.

Should you have the need for a smaller slide size there are a few options of scaling the slide to either the selected display resolution or one of the standard HD formats.

GUI for a 3.9 mm 28×6 LED-wall
Corresponding lineup slide

You can test out Showcalibrator by sending a request here