For use at executive conferences ShowTimer is a versatile timer application with a lot of features easing interaction between the technical team and the presenters.

ShowTimer is an application for timing of live events, symposiums, conferences and theater shows.  There is no need of special hardware such as the outdated DSan systems and often you can find what is needed at the conference facilities – no matter where you go in the world – so just bring a USB stick with the installation software. The program can be operated in single and dual-screen configurations and there is also a feature for pushing messages to speaker while the clock is running.

A unique feature for ShowTimer is the ability to fetch timer data from rundown plans made in Google sheets. As such there are no need for making presets as all timing is easily syncronized with the production schedule. This can either be the estimated length of each presentation or countdown to a time like end of breaks etc.

Timing information in ShowTimer can be added by keyboard, mouse or fetched directly from a Google sheet eg a Playbook for the event.

ShowTimer supports a family of satellite display devices connected to same LAN as ShowTimer which enables simple and mobile viewing during events. There are several options:

  • ShowTimer satellite – a handy wireless device with a four digit display running on USB power og Powerbank. Ideal for show callers, event group or backend staff.
  • ShowSat – a PC-display application that picks up timing via wired or wireless LAN. Ideal for supporting external monitors via laptops.
  • ShowRPi is a wireless device providing a HDMI feed to comfort monitors or an optional 3,5″ piggy back monitor.


The Timer control walks through different stages according to selected operating mode:

  • Cue – used for displaying selected time
  • Pause – Show can be postponed at any time
  • Counter – counting clock
  • Stand-by – color changes to yellow and a text is displayed
  • Live/End – color changes to red and a new message is displayed

Standard messages for each stage/mode can be customized.


ShowTimer can be operated in five timer modes:

  • Live
  • Speaker
  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Chess

The functions of each mode are:

  • Live

The timer is set to the clock-time where a live transmission will start, eg at 14.00hrs. When the timer is started a count-down clock will be displayed

  • Speaker

At symposiums it is often important to respect a tight schedule so speaking time is limited. In this mode the ShowTimer utility is set to a fixed time, eg 15 minutes for each speaker.

  • Clock

In Clock-mode ShowTimer displays the current time for use at presentations where an exact starting time is not so important. The display can be converted to a stop watch at run-time so the timer can start when the speaker starts his presentation in order to display the elapsed speak time.

  • Timer

This facility can be used at workshops where activities need to be timed. In this case the output can be connected to projectors and other audience minded displays.

  • Chess

Chess mode (or game mode) switches between two counters each time a player hits the space bar or a large push button connected to the program through an optional GPI-port.


The system can be set-up in 3 different display configurations

  • Single – used mostly with PC’s
  • Dual – Ideal for laptops with external output
  • Split – Control panel on laptop and counter at external output

You can test out ShowTimer by sending a request here