Touchpointer is the digital alternative to the traditional laserpointer for events with multiple presentation screens and an innovative digital conference annotation tool for executive presentations.

Touchpointer provides the presenter with an effective, intuitive tool to control and interact with any type of presentation and live content. The system is designed for scientific conferences but it is also very useful for other advanced presentations.

Touchpointer is simple to set up, it works with all presentation computers and it is very intuitive to use.

Touchpointer provides numerous advantages:

• Speaker faces the audience at all times
• Annotations are visible on flat screens, LED screens and projections
• Slides with annotations can be viewed at multiple screens
• Visual tracking of movement
• Full control of annotation colour for best contrast to each slide
• Automatic wipe of annotations
• Slide advance and reverse controllable from touchscreen
• Touchscreen acts as a comfort monitor
• Seamless integration with professional wireless slide advancer systems

Touchpointer is designed as a simple plug-and-play HDMI based system fully independent of the presentations computers: no software drivers or plug-ins are required.

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